Brooke’s husband looks on while we have hot passionate sex


Brooke’s husband looks on while we have hot passionate sex

Brooke’s husband looks on while we have hot passionate sex from Cuckold
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Fogg2345 says:

Who is she? She looks perfect getting fucked!!

nuttyanon says:

I do t know why it’s so much hotter when the cuck is at full staff. If someone was fucking my wife like that I’d be hard as hell too! ?

mbasi says:

Showed my wife this clip and she is amazed. Thank you for such awesome content.

That young lady is in heaven

Dexterx99 says:

I bet the hubby dropped a good load after watching that action

[deleted] says:


Yeah fill her full. Good husband to give a helping hand.

cudbgdbutY says:

lovemaking happening right here!

I would stroke my dick at least

[deleted] says:

If that was my wife, I’d be in the corner crying while I pathetically stroke my cock

swisskid23 says:

She sexy af

Satans_Dads says:

A stunning choice in a bed partner my friend. Damn she’s hot!!

frankyfudder says:

Her husband’s penis isn’t small but by comparison to your bigger tool it looks small

YGerges says:

Is that a snowbunny spade on her ankle?

[deleted] says:

You’re the goat man

swingercpl says:

Really our favorite kind of porn and our favorite kind of fun in rl. It’s so awesome to see how much everyone is enjoying themselves in a clip like this. You all are very sexy ???

Damn big cocks really make a difference

sumdee42 says:

Sorry was focused on her sexy feet?️?️✊????

[deleted] says:


[deleted] says:

Omg that is so hot!

Felt like l was watching a kardashian?

amgates80 says:


Look how wide that whore wife spreads for you

SnK4FUN says:

Nice and slow deep strokes combined with passionate kissing before taking her faster = sign us up.

Adenschon says:

That guy just fucks other guys’ wives and the guys love it i still don’t get it :’)

pontiac11 says:

Nothing better than when she spreads those legs, those pretty feet in the air, accepting you all the way in?

Quest_4Black says:

My man, you writing these flights off as business expenses? Lol keep fighting the good fight

This is fucking amazing.

miyuru4u says:

Man you are destroying her hole .. OMG

poly_triad says:

u/areallyweakguy we’re interested in talking about linking up with you if you’re interested!

Cal216 says:

Brooke Blaze is thick asf… hips and ass for days. And sexy! Good work bruh!

I love that he suck her feet

Proof of areallyweakguy doxing and threatening

So much more has been shared in the Hotwife community but I need permission to share it

Wow! He is not getting his wife back

I’m almost certain it goes without saying, but you are BOTH incredibly lucky men. She is the personification of the perfect hotwife. The passion and intimacy is such an amazing thing to see.

stellarlove8 says:

Omg this is so hot. Love what you do!

Damn, thats how bull treat their ladies.

I don’t understand how this guy has so much sex

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