Bull in okc area read comment before pm


Bull in okc area read comment before pm

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My fiance has finally agreed to dip her toes into being shared! I need someone that is patient and kind and good with their hands. We are not looking for a disrespectful bull but someone who can help her get used to the idea. She has agreed to a nude massage with a stranger (both of you will be naked).  you will have free access to her body with your hands only at first, if she is comfortable with it you may use your cock to rub against her body (although accidents happen) . I want to be upfront you will most likely not be having sex with her the first time although there is a small chance if she is into it. She will allow you to jerk off to her at the end or finish you with her hand and or mouth if she feels inclined. We live in the OKC area. If you are interested you can dm me and we can discuss further.

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Hot ?

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