Cuckold white wife fucking with her regular BBC bull

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The first time the idea of watching my cuckold white wife fucking with a black man I thought I was dreaming. Ten months later his black lover is recording my beautiful white wife riding his long cock. This black miserable wretch is a pretentious bastard. He makes a living by selling old rappers records on the street. Nobody listen that thing. Yet his profile in the adult social network was more than enough to be of my wife’s liking. With watching such a huge big black cock my wife’s mouth started to get full of saliva ready to enjoy his black cock.

Since then my wife is in love of this guy. We have had many problems with our marriage because she spends too much time at her lover crib. For the high of things she has taken many of her personal things to the house of a lover. It is becoming very common for her to stay with him for several nights a week.

Cuckold white wife fucking with her regular BBC bull

To say one example, the other week she stayed with him from Tuesday night and back until Saturday week. I still remember the exact moment when I arrived in the early morning. Her beautiful and tender face gave me to understand how well her lover fucked her.

I gave her a hug and slowly lifted her skirt to visualize her panties. I slid her thong on her side I to watch her red and swollen vagina.

Now every time I penetrate my wife I can not stop thinking at that moment. My wife pussy now is different and I can not feel it with my cock as before. Her pussy is stretched. I enjoy watching my cuckold white wife fucking with her lover

Still no one can deny that my wife is a warrior riding a big cock. Miserable lucky illegal immigrant. But I can not complain, I’m a fucking cuckold and I really enjoy to have a hotwife.


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