Hubby records his wife taking her first BBC. ???

Hubby records his wife taking her first BBC. ??? from Cuckold
Hubby records his wife taking her first BBC while he masturbates to her POV. Now that I’ve finally gotten the story up about my wife cheating on me with black cock while I was out of town, I have two things I want to tell you. First, I’ve decided that what’s important is not the “why,” but rather “where” that story is told. Second, I’ve decided that, for the time being, this story should be published only in private. Now, for those of you who find it impossible to believe that a cheating wife can use her husband’s car for a tryst and then ask him to leave the car and join them with a car full of toys and lubricants – and then send him on his way with a photo of her and her lover, and send you after him with an explicit photo of their sexy encounter – it may be because you haven’t lived my life. My wife has always been a lascivious woman, a woman who could barely live without having sex and when she isn’t having sex, who is willing to play at it with anyone. So, you see, there was no way she couldn’t have done this.

Love watching my wife taking her first BBC in our bed

No, she didn’t lie about going to a party. It was a party, with a large group of friends and some of my old fraternity buddies. They were playing beer pong, doing shots, and trying to outdo one another, and she knew they’d be happy to help her out. She didn’t lie about buying that new vibrator in the lingerie department. It was a nice lingerie shop – they sold some pretty nice stuff – and she felt like it would be a fun evening and a good mood.

No, she didn’t lie about finding her lover. My wife knew her lover was in the hotel and she found him, after hours, and brought him back to her room. No, she didn’t lie about getting undressed and being naked. My wife had already done this so, no, she didn’t need to do anything further. No, she didn’t lie about the vibrator. It was part of a vibrator she’d bought, along with a battery, a remote, and a remote receiver. She figured out how to use the receiver and put it on the vibrator’s switch. She also had some lube. No, she didn’t lie about trying it out. My wife liked how it worked and enjoyed using it – and she had other partners who used the vibrator.


She want a second?

I’d hit the asshole at same time

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