My dealer vs My boyfriend lol ???‍♀️? (2003 baby ?)


My dealer vs My boyfriend lol ???‍♀️? (2003 baby ?)

My dealer vs My boyfriend lol ???‍♀️? (2003 baby ?) from Cuckold
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18 year olds into cuckolding. the internet really maturing kids at a faster rate than ever

Mamalamas says:

Look bored with both of them.

Lol does bf wonder how you get such good prices?

jpgoose573 says:

Now they need to spitroast you

jhawkins939 says:

Both seem to be nice ??‍♂️

You dealer is fucking hung, he makes you bf who actually has a nice sized dick look small

Turn the damn volume down

KcFreak88 says:

Can you throat all the bbc?

I was 18 when I became a cuck too ?

I’m the boyfriend lmao

ABRA7X says:

Spitters are quitters.

love it. especially with the dealer…

czardviii says:

Those braids. Damn, girl, you’re cute AF good for yoy

bigballs3032 says:

This is so made up

bmt1987gta says:

Either way…you suck an amazing crank

If you trim the hedges, the tree looks bigger.

POT7ife says:

Either way you’re a good girl

Baby Mom. Damn

Jaeger1975 says:

Your bf is even bigger than me!

j70667 says:

I love how incorrectly kids are being raised these days ?

Hankster46 says:

So, you cuck your husband and do drugs?

rawkcuck says:

Videos comparing bulls and cuckold are the best content we can hope for. Thank you.

Tzinch says:


sail_hatan69 says:

I want a dealer like that ^^

If I WAS a dope boy. You would be paying full price with that weak ass throat. Foh.
? ? ? ?

Wolvojay says:

Hope your bf knows how lucky he is to have a woman like you! Getting it on video too, he’s a very lucky guy.

ekimboy123 says:

Which ones which?

Tony1637 says:

Big difference

Good work!

This 10in bbc in NYC is next

Can someone send me the link to this vid

Good girl

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