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Watching on my iPhone my naughty cuckold wife recording her BBC adventure while I’m sitting on the edge of the bed reading the last lines of the night. “I have a surprise for you“. The minutes seemed endless to me. My head was spinning imagining the situation, a living reflection of the act. Characteristic sounds of the most intense sensation of lust and freedom. A consensual relationship based on my wife’s full sexual satisfaction. An exceptional and very mature woman. Aware of the power it has over any man, including myself.

Our consensual cuckold marriage is solid and stable. We are both willing to explore the deeper areas of our sexuality as long as we both agree to do as we please.

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Our plant-endowed big black cock bull left us with gaping holes in a bestial way. We are a cuckold bi couple whose desire for huge cocks has us united in unconditional love.

  After an hour and a half of not being able to conceive the dream, I finally fell asleep. The alarm rang at half-past five in the morning. The first thing I did was take my cell phone and find the last message from my wife that said:
Surprise, I hope you do not get mad, with love your beloved wife
I find my wife placing her phone in front of them two. The same phone that I gave her the day of her birthday, date that coincides with our wedding anniversary. I’m watching my wife placing her phone before devouring a large african virile member. Of course the use of chewing gum is necessary. Her fantasy is about being a whore. Enjoying Big Black Cock everyday to please herself. This fantasy became a real life after confessing how much she wanted to fuck with an old ex boyfriend. I have always known about their activities. I encouraged her to record every situation to my sex delight. She is my favorite pornstar


Lou says:

unrepentant sin has eternal consequences. any sex outside of the holy marriage covenant whether it is consensual or not and that is immaterial is adultery.

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