Not hubby’s cum, I love being covered


Not hubby’s cum, I love being covered

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AcidKing84 says:

Hot!!! One thing my wife knows I love is her legs and thighs. She puts on a very short dress and high heels when she fucks then she gets the guy to cum on her legs then has me smear the cum with my tongue all up and down her legs and thighs. It’s SO hot!! ?

Good because I shoot thick heavy cum ropes

ramboj1127 says:

Can I lic you clean?

JR1466 says:

Perfect I’ll give you my hot load as well

mtnview57 says:

I’d love to clean you up

redrum12335 says:

I love it!!

x420x69xb says:

I have a thick load for you ?

It looks good on you

Morito84 says:

Thats hot mami ???????

Very sexy. Ever come to Orlando Florida

Two different guys?

ronnie40nh says:

Look great with cum on you! Def need bred hun ??

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