Penis Cage for Cuckold Husband – Cuckold Time

Would you be willing to use a penis cage? Have fun for a while with the cuckold occurrences that happen in the lives of these nice people. In this great episode, Jen is impatient to feel a big black cock between her legs. So she decides to dial Marcus on the phone. Meanwhile, Wendy is by her side listening to the whole conversation. She is so impatient to know who Marcus will bring to the party tonight. Jen loves to mention Wendy’s marital status and humiliating her husband at the same time. This pair of whores are delighted to live a cuckold style in which they can do whatever they want. Their husbands have decided that it is for the best if they wish to remain married to them for the rest of their lives. What else can your husband do? Her manhood is on the floor, ready to be trampled like the bitch that he is. It’s hilarious to hear him complain, and hilarious to watch her lick Wendy’s heels. Speaking of Wendy she is about to be introduced to a new lifestyle. As Wendy well says “and this is not the BBC Network chain haha”. She is ready to have her hotwife experience. Meanwhile, Georgie does not imagine anything about Wendy’s activities for that night. Jen is not the same white teen who likes to play with her pink pussy on webcam. Now she prefers big black cock only. There is nothing to make them regress to their previous lifestyle. While these two whores are chatting they can’t help but mention how horny they are.  

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  Exceptionally, we can keep the following dialogue in mind: Hotwife Jen: I know you are already conditioning yourself to make my life so much more fulfilling and I love you for that. Hotwife Jen: Don’t you want your wife to be the happiest woman alive? Doesn’t pleasing me fulfill your own desires and give you a special purpose? Hotwife Jen: Do you want to go back to the way things used to be when I wasn’t happy as I could be? when you were wasting your life away watching porn and hiding your panty fetish? Cuckold Chrissy: I don’t ever want to go back to that even if it’s hard sometimes. I’m really much happier now. Sweet little Chrissy has understood his place. Now every good cuckold husband should use a cage on his cock. This is how things should be. A true cuckold husband must come to terms with the fact that his wife now belongs to big-dick men. An excellent husband must use a cage for his pathetic cock. Then in this way your wife can be certain that you are completely faithful to her. Nobody wants a cheating loser.


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