The Day You Became a Cuckold 2021

They Day You Became a Cuckold

The Day You Became a Cuckold

The Day You Became a Cuckold is a short story of a man that couldn’t and wouldn’t want to escape to his lusty dream-reality. This video was shared with us thanks to a subscriber via message. If you liked this video, do not forget to visit the MillenniaThinker channel and thank the author of this video directly.

At last, I have everything. My home, my work, my loving wife. Many would give anything to have the same as me. But why am I unhappy as if something was missing in my life. What if my life could be different? what if it could be better? Is she even worthy of me?, am I lucky to be with a woman like her?

Although I wasn’t very popular in school with girls. Oh my God! that does not exist.

What if it is not that we were destined to be with each other but neither I nor she is desired by anyone.

What if this relationship is forced? what if we are together just to avoid being left alone in old age?

Big black cock bull left us with gaping holes

Our plant-endowed big black cock bull left us with gaping holes in a bestial way. We are a cuckold bi couple whose desire for huge cocks has us united in unconditional love.


I have to check it.

You think you’re so masculine because you were with my wife for one night. Yes, yes, yes, come back to where you belong. See those men standing in line? they just have to wait their turn because they can’t be with that divine being like I do.

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She chose me from among all of you. I wake up with her. I watch Netflix with her. I can massage her feet after work, not you. Do you know why? Because I am the real man who was chosen by the best woman. And you buddy boy, what can you do? You only can just get in and get out. Such an embarrassment you are. And don’t say it’s not like that. I have 32 gigs of evidence on the tape that shows that I’m right.

Now go get back to yourself because real men have to get things done.

The Day You Became a Cuckold Happy Ending

The Day You Became a Cuckold Happy Ending


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