The money shot. My boyfriend loved cleaning this up.


The money shot. My boyfriend loved cleaning this up.

The money shot. My boyfriend loved cleaning this up. from Cuckold
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WrongChange says:

Damm,you had the Kung fu grip on him!

Love the cum coming out is so hoooot

bubbleguns69 says:

Is there a clean up video?

Supper sexy. Always love watching cum roll out while still being fucked

DeathDealerx says:

Is there a any subreddit for this sex possion ? Thank you.

lens4040 says:

Mmm love to be licking them both while he’s pounding her. ????

Love that ass

[deleted] says:

I would’ve been licking it up as he was fucking her

GOD DAMMMMM IT . THATS HOT AS HELL lol even made the wife cummmm WoW

Due-Ad-6922 says:

Where is his cleanup?

HalfChubs4U says:

Nice grip

Celibateone says:

Delicious clean up

Bendeon says:

Damn that looks like fun you think he’ll clean up two ???

KinkyInWisco says:

Yummy ?


timg400 says:

He should have been fingering your asshole ready to catch all the drips

Kato_loves69 says:

Your pussy looks good?

theRCW82 says:

The pussy look good

This is so hot oh my goddd

that lucky bastard !

BoomLasagna says:

This is one of the hottest cuckold clips I’ve seen.

Luckiest guy ever.

bareslut32 says:

OMG that’s red HOT!!!!

My turn to fill you with cum tell em to stand by bout to make this bbc explode in your pussy give em hella nut to clean up this time

big8JJ says:

What a beautiful mess

Hell yeah! He fucked you really good! Loved his cum flowing from your pussy. Did your boyfriend lick it off? ?

Terrific video!!

Nice and messy


Lick them both clean. I do know i love this and mine loves this. We want this often and she hates not being filled up. It’s what gets her off completely.

Your boyfriend is a lucky guy, I would love to lick you clean too

padk85 says:

That grip

hornedVaguy says:

Great video

cuckstagluis says:

Getting fucked so good this is what my girlfriend missing out on

arsesoles says:

This angle has gotta be the goat for cuckold to watch

Would love to be cucked by an alpha white bull with a big dick and youthful stamina.

trope44 says:

That’s a ton of cum. Your hubby is a slut

Omg Im so jealous ???

Would love to have a go

AWolff7 says:

So hot … I’d love to hit this chic

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