Thinking of becoming a hotwife, any advice?


Thinking of becoming a hotwife, any advice?

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HotWife2495 says:

Go for it girl. I was hesitant at first … didn’t know what i was missing out on. Now we play about once a month.

Jjtheman2121 says:

I’m glad to see you back sexy. You are the definition of a hotwife. Send me a message sexy

Make sure you screen the guys. Be prepared for disappointment also. There are a lot of flakes and fakes and people who back out at the last minute or become no-shows. It sucks but that’s the nature of the lifestyle.

However, be nice to the men just as much as you would be to couples. Single men do get a bad rep, but they’re not all the same. There are diamonds out there.

Take your time also, and make sure you know what you both want and talk about it with each other. When couples aren’t on the same page about things, it can create issues. Just a few tips 🙂

KindPen10 says:

That ass deserves to be treated right by a BWC bull ??‍♂️

Wellnow69now says:

Go for it!

Fwb22 says:

I needs in

bicockrocker says:

Go for it

Sit on my face first

I advise you sit on my face

ThiagoElano says:

Do it, and share the pics/vids.

DKBeasley12 says:

Fuck bull as hard as possibly can let him cum inside and try to make hubby jealous

Fuck me first

cuckfold1013 says:

Not even close

Make sure safety first!

Yes let me be first to give u some bbc

Start by DMing me ??

exhibition-d says:

Go big or why bother

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