What you would do if your wife sent you this photo?


What you would do if your wife sent you this photo?

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DrToyz69 says:

Remind her how much I love her, ask for more pics and try not to jerk off before I got home to reclaim her!! ?

Get hard

Tell her to make sure to save her cum filled pussy for me to clean up!

Anton17684 says:

I’d ask her who are those people

deezypeezy7 says:

Ask for more. And a video!

bambi-dolle says:

Encourage video, more pics, to get as dirty and slutty as possible and If not a taunting video, to hear all the excruciating details later with her pussy on my face.

I’ve gotten pictures like that from her before… all I could do was jerk off

Jack off, then go lick her pussy

Save it for Divorce Court

nighol01 says:

Tell her she is a good girl!!

Texman2014 says:

I’d ask her who that woman is. ??

skankhunt987 says:

Enjoy it

Ask for the creampie shot, then demand sloppy seconds

Docwright05 says:

Fire admire that the guy likes guns just like me.

Then tell her I hope he feels good. As I know my wife told me my dick it too big and it hits stuff inside her when we try doggy or any other position besides missionary…

Then I would asked to face time her or ask for her location so I can watch.

Get a divorce

Wonder why she was taking a pic of an unknown couple having sex.

czardviii says:

Tell her to thank him for his service(s)

GivesNilFuks says:

File for divorce since we are not in that lifestyle.

Mariner6969 says:

I’ll send her photos while I’m fucking my bitch

Ask for next time for me to be there

Shock, that’s not my wife, where are you?

andrea_9519 says:

easy, jerk off

Kings1013311 says:

Sweet I’m going to play with all the married chicks at work?

Grab my vibrator and pull my pants down and use it on my clitty and edge

wesley772012 says:


Ask her who the kid is and why is he wearing a shirt….????

wmatthew93 says:

Ask her why is she on this subreddit

Tell her to send another when he is done so i can see his cum dripping out of her! Then rush home to eat and fuck her cum filled pussy!!

panman248 says:

Ask her not to clean up before I get up there.

Ask what kind of can is recessed inside the rail of the rifle in the shirt.

mbf187 says:

Ask her to send a video

fitphysique2 says:

Sexy ?

Imtohigh says:

Make sure he cums in her so i can have it nice and warm for me when i get home ?

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